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The New Operating System For Our Changemaker World

This article originally appeared on Future Trends Forum

The world is undergoing a dramatic evolution from old, industrialized societies to modern, change-based systems. We need a dramatic global recalibration to this new environment, complete with a new operating system for living and working together. 

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Ashoka insight

Here we can look to social entrepreneurs, society’s corrective force, for the framework needed to navigate this new strategic landscape.

First, empathy is crucial when rules can’t possibly keep pace with the speed and complexity of change. Empathy-based ethics is now the cornerstone for our everyday dealings.

Second, the capacity to tear down walls and form a team of teams around any complex problem or opportunity is a requisite skill going forward.

Third, new leadership requires every player on the team be an initiator. Each person has to see the big picture and advance solutions that contribute to positive social outcomes.

Finally, everyone today must be a skilled and practiced changemaker, committed to freely and effectively innovating together toward the good of all.